In response to the June 15 article “Private sector projects grow but Maine still struggles”: Staff writer Tom Bell paraphrased Kenneth Simonson, the chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, as saying, “(Gov.) LePage’s decision earlier this week to refuse to sign off on $40 million in voter-authorized bonds will hurt the construction industry in Maine.”

Tim Ouellete, chief financial officer and part-owner of CPM Constructors, was quoted as saying, “Delaying work on a project such as road and bridge repair doesn’t save the public money because the work still must be done.”

Unfortunately, some of the information in the article was misleading. Had the Maine Department of Transportation been contacted, we would have offered the following information.

None of the $40 million in bonds was earmarked for roads and bridges. Our capital work plan for 2012-2013 has already identified and has already funded road and bridge work throughout the state. We are currently 97 percent on schedule for all summer projects being put out to bid. That means that hundreds of people are working and building Maine’s infrastructure this summer and will be again next season.

Every state’s transportation needs will always exceed available funding. Gov. LePage’s decision on bonds is based on getting Maine’s fiscal house in order. I can assure you that that effort is not at the expense of residents and tourists as they travel to work, school and vacation destinations.

Our bridges are safe, our roads are being improved and the transportation needs of Mainers are at the forefront of priorities for me and for Gov. LePage.

David B. Bernhardt is commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation.