NAPLES — Two men were injured today after their car crashed into a telephone pole as they were apparently attempting to flee police.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s office said the incident began about 2:30 this afternoon when a deputy attempted to stop a car that was being driven erratically. As the car turned onto Lake Shore Drive from Roosevelt Trail, the car slowed as if the driver were going to stop, but then quickly speeded up to about 80 mph.

Less than a mile away, the driver lost control of the car and it crashed into a telephone pole, according to the sheriff’s office.

The driver, identified as John T. Allen, 31, of Bridgton, was taken to Central Maine Medical Center for his injuries, which the sheriff’s office said were not life-threatening. The passenger, Jeremy McLeod, 31, of Harrison, was taken to Bridgton Memorial Hospital for a foot and ankle injury.

The sheriff’s office said an investigation of the accident is continuing, but charges are expected to be filed against Allen.