Fred Horch, the Green Independent candidate who lost to state Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, D-Brunswick, by 192 votes in 2010, confirmed tonight that he’s seeking his party’s nomination to run again in 2012. 

Green David Frans is currently on the ballot to face Cornell du Houx and Republican John Bouchard. However, Horch said that Frans has already filed to withdraw from the race. Horch hopes the Brunswick Greens will nominate him when the party caucuses in early July. 

Horch’s potential entry in the race isn’t a surprise, but the annoucement increases the stakes for the Maine Democratic Party, which has called on Cornell du Houx to abandon his re-election bid amid concerns that his recent troubles with a female lawmaker could be exploited by opponents or siphon support in the progressive-leaning District 66.

Horch demonstrated his appeal in District 66 during his 2010 bid. Cornell du Houx won the race by five percentage points. The Democratic party was forced to spend resources during that contest to help Cornell du Houx, who ran a television ad featuring former independent governor Angus King.

Cornell du Houx, who is currently in Australia, has refused to say if he’ll stay in the race.