The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office hosted its third annual “Behind Bars” bench-press competition over the weekend to raise money for charity.

Of the 15 participants from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the York County Sheriff’s Office and the Portland Police Department, CCSO corrections officer Cory Stone earned overall champion honors when he pressed 325 pounds, which is 137 pounds more than his body weight.

The biggest lift was by Cumberland County corrections officer Luke House who pressed 365 pounds in the heavyweight class.

Hope Lanza, of Cumberland County, lifted 115 pounds for tops in the female class.

Cumberland officers Scott Jordan and Jake Parson lifted 350 pounds and 325 pounds respectively to win their weight class, and Portland officer Vincent Rozzi pressed 330 pounds to win the lightweight class, for participants weighing 180 to 199 pounds.

The Saturday event raised $600 for House in the Woods, a Leeds-based outdoor therapeutic program for recent veterans and their families.