The Christian Civic League has a preferred Republican candidate for Senate District 21, and it isn’t current state Rep. Patrick Flood. 

The CCL on Wednesday released a statement saying that while Flood "has served honorably in the Legislature, we do not believe his values reflect our values." The organization is instead backing Ryan Wheaton, a West Gardiner small-business owner and teacher and a candidate backed by "liberty" Republicans and Ron Paul supporters.

The CCL said Flood was a "pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage candidate," while Wheaton was a "pro-life, pro-family candidate."

The Kennebec County Republican Committee will hold a special caucus on July 16 to decide who will be on the ballot in November.

The CCL endorsement of Wheaton adds a new a wrinkle to a SD 21 caucus that could have implications for the general election. Democrats haven’t won the seat since 2004, but the party has been competitive there. If Wheaton wins the GOP nomination, Democrats may divert more money to help their candidate, David Bustin.