FALMOUTH — A Falmouth resident has been arrested on drug dealing and domestic violence charges.

Lt. John Kilbride said 24-year-old Christopher J. Michaels, who was renting a home on Hillside Avenue, was charged with unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs, domestic violence assault, and domestic violence terrorizing.

Police went to Michaels’ home around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday to serve him with court papers. During the course of their investigation, police noticed that Michaels was trying to conceal cocaine.

At that point, officers took Michaels into custody. When they returned with a search warrant, the officers found marijuana, cocaine, drug scales, packaging material, two handguns and about $8,500 in cash inside the home.

Kilbride said there was also evidence that Michaels was in the process of developing a marijuana growing operation.

He was taken to the Cumberland County Jail where he was held for a brief time before making bail.
Michaels is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 16.