I read the paper July 6 and generally enjoyed it, including the “Another View,” the letters to the editor, the sports page and the rest of the paper — except for the page labeled “Commentary.”

Once more, I found the Commentary page filled with right-wing thoughts from M.D. Harmon and Charles Krauthammer.

I was particularly interested in Mr. Krauthammer’s thoughtful conclusion (“Obama White House is both imperial and unsuccessful”) that President Obama’s use of drones and bombing, with NATO assistance, to liberate Libyans (no U.S. casualties) was comparable to President Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

Mr. Harmon’s discussion of the Affordable Care Act (“The devil truly is in the details of the Affordable Care Act”) was at least an effort to portray the Republican right wing’s concerns, though mostly incorrect. For example, we are constantly reminded by Fox News and the like that the 1 percent of our taxpayers who choose not to seek health-care coverage from 2014 on will be required to pay a relatively small tax so that the vast majority of our population will not have to pay for that 1 percent’s future medical requirements.

The purpose of my letter is simply to ask that you not fill your Commentary page with right-wing diatribe without including Democratic or left-wing, if you will, commentary on the same page.

Until recently, I have thought that the Portland Press Herald was reasonable in including and encouraging a reasonable variety of views on the Editorial page. However, the Commentary page needs to be liberated from overwhelming right-wing nonsense.

It’s fine to include a variety of different views on the Commentary page, but not just right-wing diatribes.