As we could finally be seeing the departure of the Maine Energy Recovery Co., there are still many unanswered questions since the process has, once again, been conducted behind closed doors.

From a broker/appraiser’s point of view, what determined the price of $6.65 million? If there was a business appraisal, why was it not made public?

MERC/Casella announced to its employes in January that it was closing its operations at the end of May.

Simultaneously, our new mayor (who received campaign funds from Casella) announced a secret task force that was negotiating a deal. Seeing the outcome, the lack of transparency begs the question: Was there a quid pro quo, either in fact or inference?

What exactly are the taxpayers buying?

We come to learn that the buildings and equipment — part of the business valuation — will be dismantled and kept by MERC, leaving the smokestack, which likely contains contaminants that capping will not eradicate, thereby causing a big problem later on during dismantling and cleanup expenses.

So, are we purchasing an unusable lot (brown space that, having been contaminated, will not be usable for construction or resale) for an expensive parking lot and a block of air space for $6.65 million?

Further, our financial resources will be reallocated and used to pay off this deal for the next 20 years while we are being forced into yet another contract with Casella! Really?

This city spent the last 25 years — an entire generation — battling the decisions made by elected and city officials dealing with what has been an ethically challenged business, only to give up the cost to another generation in its wake.

I want to see the end of this corrupted arrangement as much as anyone, but at what expense to taxpayers, the environment and another generation not yet able to vote?

Loretta M. Turner is a resident of Biddeford.