WATERVILLE— Divers from the Maine State Police and Warden Service have completed a search in the Kennebec River for signs of Ayla Reynolds, but officials say they found “nothing substantial.”

The search, which began Tuesday morning and wound up in mid-afternoon, took place between two dams crossing the river between Waterville and Winslow.

Spokesman Steve McCausland of the state Public Safety Department says police with nine dogs also searched the banks of the river where the water was lowered for the search.

“This is upriver from where we’ve had the previous searches,” McCausland said by phone Tuesday morning. “It is an area that we had not eliminated.”

McCausland says Tuesday’s search had been planned for three weeks, and the timing, which marks seven months from the day Ayla was reported missing, is coincidental.

McCausland says the 13 divers found “nothing substantial” but did not elaborate.

Ayla was 20 months old when she was reported missing.

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