The second edition of “Fresh From Maine: Recipes and Stories from the State’s Best Chefs” (Table Arts Media, $32.50) will interest both your head and your stomach.

This second collection of profiles of two dozen Maine chefs and restaurants, written by Michael Sanders, tells you about a chef’s background and his or her approach in the kitchen in a smart way that doesn’t sound like a paid ad. (The restaurants contributed to the production costs of the book.)

And the little Q&As in which chefs name their favorite cheese or midnight snack are fun.

But your stomach will rumble when you look over the recipes paired with food photographer Russell French’s mouth-watering photographs.

Take a good long look at Bar Lola’s Braised Chicken with Saffron Noodles, Petite Jacqueline’s French Onion Soup, or the Apple Fritters with Applejack Sabayon & Cider Caramel from the Oxford House Inn, and I dare you not to head to the kitchen or pick up the phone and make a reservation.

This new edition covers 10 new chefs and includes more than 80 recipes.

Sanders included more inland and northern Maine restaurants this time around, and included more cooking styles.

Sanders and French also produced a companion book, “Drinking in Maine” (Table Arts Media, $18) that you can read about on our food blog at

– Meredith Goad, staff writer