L.L. Bean, in celebrating its 100th anniversary, exemplified the spirit of Maine people in the best way possible. It was a true community event and it was perfectly planned down to the last possible detail.

For those of you who may not know, the company contacted all the nonprofits in Freeport and all the restaurants in town and paired them up for the Saturday afternoon “fair” on Main Street. All proceeds from the food sales in each of the pairs went to the nonprofit. If anyone had not been able to sell their fare, Bean reimbursed them. There were trash cans everywhere and fresh water available for a very hot afternoon. There was an abundance of company personnel to greet and aid people. The bands were an uplifting background noise with lots of children participating in the rhythm and music. I personally met people from many different states and foreign countries all having a ball. The evening concert
and fireworks were spectacular and a great climax to what was really a day of Bean recognizing the importance of community and the role it plays in our everyday life.

I want to thank the company for sharing its success in such a way that everyone could take part and realize the old values of Maine are still alive and well.

Carol Southall