PORTLAND – Mumford & Sons, the top act in Saturday’s music festival on the Eastern Prom, was happy with how the show came off, one of the band’s members said.

“The show was a lot of fun,” said Ben Lovett, who did a stint as a guest DJ at Space Gallery on Congress Street, arriving at the club about an hour after the concert ended. “Everything came together at the right time.”

Lovett plays keyboards, accordion and drums and also sings for the band.

Lovett arrived at the Space Gallery in a van and paused to smoke a cigarette outside the club before heading inside. As passers-by recognized him, he posed with them for pictures.

Lovett said the setting at the Eastern Prom, which is where Portland stages its annual fireworks show but had not been used for a major concert before, worked well and he thanked city officials to helping to arrange the concert.

He also said the band chose the home of Nance Monaghan on Congress Street as the winner of its house decoration contest because “we liked the vibe” and Monaghan’s attitude when they stopped to look at the decorations Saturday afternoon.

Lovett said the band plans to go to the beach and have a cookout Sunday before heading out of Maine on Monday.


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