CHICAGO – Police have arrested a 51-year-old man and seized a high-velocity air rifle in connection with pellet rifle shots that recently damaged a mosque in a northern Chicago suburb, authorities said Sunday.

Police said David Conrad, of Morton Grove, was taken into custody and investigators seized an air rifle outfitted with a scope as part of their probe of the shooting Friday night at the Muslim Education Center, which is both a mosque and a school.

No one was wounded Friday, but a Muslim civil liberties group said the shots damaged an outer brick wall of the center shortly after worshippers observing the holy month of Ramadan broke their daily fast.

An email statement released early Sunday by Morton Grove Police Cmdr. Paul Yaras said Conrad faces three felony counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm and one felony count of criminal damage to property.

It was not immediately known if Conrad has a lawyer. A bond hearing was slated Monday, with a subsequent Aug. 22 court appearance planned, police said.

The police statement gave few details and did not elaborate on the time or place of the arrest. But it said investigators found Conrad after being directed to an area just east of the Muslim Education Center property.

Conrad has complained for years about parking, lights and noise since the construction of the mosque near his home, members of the mosque and neighbors told the Chicago Tribune.