YARMOUTH — DeLorme, an innovation leader in personal satellite messaging, tracking and navigation technology, recently announced the introduction of the 2012 Digital Atlas of the Earth (DAE 2012), the first-ever 1:125,000 scale seamless topographic map with consistent coverage of the world.

“DAE 2012 provides an unprecedented level of detail and consistency in worldwide map data, which is now being made available for the first time to professional, enterprise and consumer customers,” John Auble, DeLorme vice president, data products and HA/DR programs, said in a news release. “It is fully compatible with all Esri platforms and solutions, including desktop, mobile and web-based applications.”

DAE 2012 is a global data set that provides a dense seamless topographical map of the world. It contains more than:

— 16 million kilometers of roads and railroads

— 19 million kilometers of rivers and streams

— 366 million square kilometers of lakes and oceans

— 478,000 unique place names of roads, routes and waterways

— 420,000 points of interest

— And 31,400 transportation hubs, including airports, runways and rail yards.

It also contains worldwide topography, including north of 60 degrees latitude, and four-class land-use land cover. The latest available country and administrative boundaries are shown, including disputed borders.

The DAE 2012 world data set is ideal for large multi-national organizations, including government, non-governmental organizations and commercial enterprises, with a requirement for a detailed, accurate and authoritative base map upon which they can superimpose their critical business and operational data. It is offered in traditional Esri vector formats, and is also available as a tiled raster cache for users of Esri’s web services.

Subscribers using DeLorme’s new inReach two-way satellite tracking and messaging device can access DAE 2012 maps free via the Earthmate app, which installs the maps on an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet connected to the inReach. This provides accurate GPS positioning and navigation on the user’s smart mobile device, which is especially helpful when the user is outside the coverage area of terrestrial cellular networks.

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