In regards to the Maine Sunday Telegram’s obituary for Neva Cram on Aug. 5, which states that she “worked with the Friends of Feral Felines”: As a 16-year volunteer with this Greater Portland nonprofit organization, I wanted to expand on that because Neva was more than just a volunteer.

She was our president for two terms, from 2003 to 2007.

She organized many fundraisers, including our holiday chocolate sale, in which she accepted up to 20 large boxes of chocolate and candies from Wilbur’s and then, over several days, separated and sorted them into individual boxes for up to 15 of us to pick up and distribute to our purchasing customers.

She helped organize and work at our annual book sale at Williston West Church and our annual Portland Flower Show event.

In 2003, Neva was instrumental in coordinating a documentary through Community Television Network Channel 4. This took many long months of hard work on her end, and the film’s showings on local cable access channels gave us a great amount of exposure.

She was the point person to find us a new office, and because of an inside contact she had with a building owner on Forest Avenue, she helped secure an amazing space!

She was also an interim foster cat coordinator and served in many other capacities along the way. Words cannot express the amount of time Neva Cram spent with the Friends of Feral Felines, but because it is a volunteer network, every minute was greatly appreciated.

My sincere condolences to the Cram family. Humane-ity starts here.

Carole G. Jean is a resident of Portland.