Talk about playing to your strengths.

Maine State Senate candidate Chris Tyll, a former Navy SEAL, has planned a clever, and for most of us, exhausting, tour of the district he hopes to represent next year. Tyll, a Republican running for Senate District 11 against independent Richard Woodbury, will join fellow Navy SEALS in biking, swimming and flying through the district. 

In a press release, Tyll wrote that the exercise was designed to demonstrate the cooperative approach to leadership he’d bring to Augusta. It may not be a bad publicity stunt either. 

Voters are encouraged to meet Tyll at "transition areas." However, they may be better off waiting until 6 p.m. when Tyll and his companions finish the day with a barbecue at the American Legion Post 164 in Falmouth. 

The land-sea-air tour will unfold Sept. 8 as follows:

* 7:00AM start at the Gray-New Gloucester High School parking lot.

* 10-mile bike ride to the North Yarmouth Village Green for the annual "Fun Day." 

* The team will remount their bikes for a 2-mile ride to Eagle Field in North Yarmouth to commence the "Air" portion of the tour.

* A helicopter — that’s right a helicopter — will take Team Tyll from North Yarmouth to Broad Cove. There the SEALs will jump from the helicopter into the water, then swim to Cumberland Town Landing.

* They will bike another 8-miles to the Chebeague Transportation Company dock at Cousins Island in Yarmouth. 

* From Cousins Island the team will swim 1.65 miles to Chebeague Island, run the 3-mile length of Chebeague, then transit from Chebeague to Long Island Town Hall.

* The final leg of the tour is a 3.5-mile swim from Long Island to Falmouth Town Landing.