I enjoyed reading state Sen. Seth Berry’s editorial on how he and his fellow Democrats were trying to protect the middle class from Gov. LePage and the evil Republicans (Another View, “Democrats’ ads were accurate on Republican tax policy,” Aug. 11).

Where was he for the last 40 years when under the leadership of himself and his fellow Democrats, Maine ended up with the worst business climate and highest taxes in the country?

Under the Democrats’ leadership, huge numbers of the youth of this state have fled to other states in search of jobs because of a lack of opportunities here.

When the stimulus money came into the state, was it used for infrastructure building, putting thousands of Mainers to work?


It was used to cover the welfare hole in the Department of Health and Human Services’ budget, caused by all the welfare Sen. Berry and his fellow Democrats handed out.

Under their leadership, one in four Mainers is now on some type of social service program.

Since Gov. LePage came into office, there has been no shortage of Democrats who know how to lower taxes and improve the economy of Maine.