On Tuesday, July 24, a bolt of lightening struck a large oak tree at Ledgemere Country Day School. The bolt inflicted damage on four large trees and started two separate fires. The shed fire destroyed most of our toys/supplies. The school building fire was minimal, but the water damage was extensive. One classroom had to be gutted and reconstructed, with all furniture and supplies ruined. Yet despite this devastation, just six weeks before we begin our 78th school year, we are grateful that all of the kids had left at noon and for our own family’s safety.

Thank you to the fire departments from Cape Elizabeth and South Portland for quickly putting out the fires. Thanks to our neighbors, Joe and Kate, for all they did that day and in the days since – you are great neighbors. Thank you to Sean of Clark Tree Service for his speedy work at getting the trees safely removed. A huge thank you to Lynn Cross and Rachael Duffy for organizing the toy/supply drive. Your hard work and devotion to Ledgemere means more to us than we can ever express. Thank you to the Cookie Jar and the Local Buzz, and thank you to everyone in our community who donated toys and supplies. We have been touched by past and current students who have generously donated their own beloved (gently used) toys so that the kids here at Ledgemere can continue to have the wonderful and enriching experience that we had before this damaging act of nature.

Diane and B.J. Nicholson
Cape Elizabeth