Forget what Brunswick school Superintendent Paul Perzanoski said about Gov. LePage. The governor is a big boy and he can handle the criticism. I’m even more troubled by these words: “We endure enough pathology just by making the choice to work in public service.”

Well, then, Mr. Perzanoski: Quit.

I’ll assume that as an educator, Mr. Perzanoski is intentionally applying the secondary usage of “pathology.” That is to indicate “any deviation from a healthy, normal or efficient condition.”

Even giving him the benefit of the doubt, his words are a gross insult to those of us who pay his salary and the salaries of those in public education who, according to his memo, must now endure the “annoyance that the (two-month!) break so desperately needed is close to completion.”

Mr. Perzanoski, you’re making a damn good living! Your teachers are paid in proportion to the people they serve. You have a brand-new elementary school and a beautiful high school.

The people of Brunswick have sucked it up consistently to maintain your budget as much as possible, despite the tremendous losses we’ve all suffered as a result of the recession and the BNAS closing.

If you’re concerned about competition from private educators, then compete with them by improving your results, not by complaining about the competition. If your concern is a shrinking budget, welcome to our world.

We’re sick of it, too, Mr. Perzanoski. We’re sick when we make personal sacrifices to support our community and invest in public officials who seem to offer little other than to bite the hands that feed them: Ours.

If you’re so overwhelmed by our “pathology,” then for the sake of your own health, find a new career.