WINDHAM — The town has selected the latest recipient of its Boston Post Cane, designated for the oldest resident.

The cane will be presented Thursday to 100-year-old Ruth Grant, who lived on Windham Center Road from the age of 5 until last year, when she moved to the Ledgewood Manor nursing home on Tandberg Trail.

Town Clerk Linda Morrell went through an unusually long search for a worthy recipient, following the death of 102-year-old Dolly Ingalls, who received the cane four years earlier.

Previously, people had come forward to ask for the cane, but this time, Morrell had go out and find someone.

Grant is not the oldest resident of Windham. Morrell chose her because she’s lived there so long.

In 1909, the now-defunct Boston Post newspaper gave out canes to 700 New England towns, which, in turn, were meant to give them to their oldest residents.