Well, they’ve finally gone and done it.

After 70 years of winks and nods, cat-and-mouse flirting and enough sexual tension to blow up Krypton three times over, Superman and Wonder Woman have finally hooked up. It all takes place in “Justice League” No. 12, which went on sale Wednesday.

And although the pair have locked lips before, this time Lois Lane isn’t in the picture. So Clark and Diana are officially the new super-power couple.

In honor of this meaningless yet news-making event, here’s a look at some superhero couples of years past:

Green Arrow and Black Canary: When GA was updated for the Silver Age, he manned up considerably by growing some facial hair and ditching his kid sidekick Speedy for the blonde and busty Black Canary, who fought crime in a plunging neckline and fishnet stockings. Poor Speedy, meanwhile, turned to drugs.

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Girl/Woman: Some might say this one doesn’t really count, since they were already dating when they debuted in “Fantastic Four” No. 1. But Reed and Sue Richards’ marriage has endured for more than 45 years, which has to be a record for comic book relationships, as evidenced by:

The Wasp and Hank Pym, The Wasp and Hawkeye, The Wasp and Iron Man, The Wasp and Paladin, and oh well, you get it. What she lacks in size, the Wasp more than makes up for in sexual conquests. When even the T-back-wearing Ms. Marvel calls you a hussy, it may be time to scale back the pollinating.

Batman and Catwoman: They love each other. They hate each other. They fight. They make out. And so it’s gone for the past 60 years, as the Dark Knight and sometime villain Catwoman have only stopped trading blows long enough to fool around.

The Vision and The Scarlet Witch: You think you’ve got marital problems? Try being an android who keeps getting his memory wiped and being married to a woman who can reshape reality and is THIS close to riding the crazy train. Vizh finally declared their relationship kaput when the Witch made the She-Hulk rip him in two. That would be a wake-up call for me too.

Cyclops and Jean Grey: The two founding members of The X-Men began dating as teenagers, and finally married in the ’90s. Their family tree is full of clones, alternate-reality children and a giant flaming bird of death, which must have made for fun times during family reunions. Jean eventually died (again), but not before Cyke cheated on her with Emma Frost, a lingerie-wearing former super-villain who has tried to kill Grey on more than one occasion. If I were Cyclops, I’d have several safe houses stashed around in preparation for Jean’s inevitable return.

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