I own a small hair salon in Westbrook.

We want to be able to offer donated wigs to people suffering from hair loss.

We recently looked into buying wigs and realized that wigs can be quite expensive and that insurance doesn’t cover it.

In order to buy a nice wig you can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

We are holding a “Wigs to Wellbeing” wig drive.

This has been an event for us for quite some time, but we haven’t been able to create the buzz we would like.

We need more people willing to donate wigs they no longer need.

This is a cause we are extremely passionate about.

We had a lot of big hopes when we embarked on this adventure, and we truly believe that the community and its people would embrace such a worthy cause.

As a hair salon we will take the wigs, clean them and potentially cut and style them for the recipient.

We will offer them to people in need and not ask questions about finances.

Think about how therapeutic it might be for a cancer survivor to be able to pass on their wig to someone who is losing their hair because of chemotherapy.

The recipient will know that their wig came from someone who truly understands everything they are feeling and experiencing.

After many attempts of accomplishing on our own we feel we could really use a partner.

We are open to suggestions. Please call me and we can talk about the details behind this event.

Laurie Hanlon

UniQue Hair Designs


‘Groupie’ of writer Rand forged questionable policies

Readers of the recent wire service piece on Ayn Rand (“Writer Ayn Rand’s enduring legacy resurfaces at colleges,” Aug. 22) might want to know that for many years, one of her devoted groupies was Alan Green-span … and we all know his contribution to our present economy.

A nexus of policies derived from Rep. Paul Ryan, Greenspan and Rand does not sound encouraging, even though Greenspan abandoned Rand and later repudiated his most damaging views.

Frank Day

East Parsonsfield

Where do you turn when you need living assistance?

Presently, I do not know why folks in Maine who have mental health diagnoses, as well as physical diagnoses, have such a difficult time finding assistance to survive!

I write this on my behalf, as well as on behalf of many other folks who do not know where to turn.

I write this in hopes that an answer will be forthcoming and to make sure that Gov. LePage and Mary Mayhew, commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, are aware that preventing homelessness should be the priority.

At the age of nearly 58, after working most of my life, I find that I am unable to work due to both physical and mental health issues.

At this time, I am grateful for my MaineCare disability, as well as food stamps.

The process, to say the least, has been a bit humiliating.

I have applied for Social Security disability insurance.

I know that I have worked hard and hope I will not need these benefits forever. With the above said, my question is: Where can I live?

I need housing assistance, and it seems I need to be homeless before any assistance from the state can be received.

There is nowhere to turn for housing!

In this great state of ours, I need to live in my car with my dog before anyone can help, and that goes for many others who find themselves in similar situations.

This is a travesty of the utmost proportions. No one in this state or country should have to find themselves homeless before any assistance can be had.

Oh, yes, I did go to General Assistance in my town, but am unable to avail myself of services, due to issues I cannot go into here.

My hope is that this issue can be addressed. What is one supposed to do? What is the adage? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Cecily Muller


Getting rid of bats takes patience and mosquitoes

Regarding the letter “Fate of bats has larger implications,” Aug. 22:

I looked up at my bedroom ceiling and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a little brown bat and its mother circling the room, upstairs, downstairs, all around the house.

They were annoying and distasteful. I spent the night attempting to get them out of the house by putting on the porch light, opening the front door and sitting for three hours waiting for them to leave and consume 50 percent of their body weight that evening by eating 1,500 mosquitoes.

Fortunately for me, on the 1,501st mosquito, they flew out the front door and I didn’t have to spend a penny on pest control, just a lost night of sleep.

However, one returned four more times that month, and despite its silence and small size, there were not enough mosquitoes to get it out the door without losing another four nights of sleep.

And my family wonders why I am so batty.

Dorothy Tweer


Labor Day celebrations likely target for tea party

What with the Labor Day holiday upon us, and what with our distinguished and esteemed governor’s treatment of labor in general, not to mention artistic renditions of Mainers at work, one has to wonder whether Gov. LePage will remove all references to Labor Day and squirrel the holiday away to an undisclosed state warehouse.

Surely all state offices will be open, and banks, post offices and other facilities that insist on closing for this so-called holiday (that really is a slap in the face of hardworking job creators everywhere) will be picketed by irate tea party members bent on demonstrating the error of our celebratory ways.

Bob Whitmire

Round Pond