MONTPELIER, Vt. – Detectives who attended Sheffield Field Days on Monday in search of tips in the 2010 abduction and killing of a 78-year-old grandmother picked up some new information that they hope will help them solve the case.

Vermont State Police Detective Sgt. Jason Letourneau said he and the other detective didn’t receive information that will lead to an immediate arrest in the killing of Pat O’Hagan. Nevertheless, “we got some tidbits that will be useful,” he said.

Sept. 10 marks the second anniversary of the abduction of O’Hagan. Her body was found almost a month later by hunters 10 miles from her home in a remote area of Wheelock.

The widow lived alone in the rural town of about 700. She was reported missing by a friend who arrived to pick her up for a rug-hooking meeting.

Police have not said what led them to believe she was abducted or how or where she died, only calling it a homicide. Detectives have said they believed more than one person was involved in her killing.

Her family continues to push for a resolution.

“We have been blessed with great support from our extended family, good friends and the local community as we deal with the effects of these past years,” the family said in a statement Friday. “It is for this reason we remain steadfast in our commitment to working with the state police to identify and prosecute those responsible for this terrible crime. It is imperative that justice be achieved, bringing peace of mind and security to Sheffield and the greater Northeast Kingdom.”

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and successful prosecution of anyone responsible for her abduction and killing.

Letourneau said he works on the case every day and that progress is being made, but he wouldn’t be specific. “In this case it’s so important that we don’t release a lot of the details in the investigation because it’s those details that are going to solve the case,” he said.