The other day someone asked me why I was supporting Andrew McLean for the House of Representatives in Gorham, and I didn’t know where to begin with my reasons. There are many.

First, I like Andrew. In our initial conversation about his wish to represent me in Augusta, I was convinced he cares about me. Not just me – he cares about all of us and he is willing to listen to what we all hope for our children, our young adults, our families, and for our seniors. He shares our concerns about our economy, healthcare, the environment, as well as education and employment opportunities for Mainers.

While it is important for me to like a candidate and to know that candidate shares my concerns, it is equally important for me to know my choice can set appropriate priorities that support a better future for all Mainers.

Andrew McLean has set priorities. He will support all efforts that invest in education, so our children acquire the basics to become better thinkers and problem solvers. He will support efforts to expand renewable energy, so Mainers can access affordable and clean electricity and heat. He will work with others to make sure our community colleges and universities prepare their students for the changing job market. He will strive to keep health care available and affordable for all of us, and he will not support any move to increase taxes on lower income Mainers.

If you have not yet had a chance to talk with Andrew, open the door when he comes to your house, or participate in one or more of the upcoming round-table discussions. He will listen to your hopes and concerns, and he will respond.

These are some of the many reasons I like Andrew and will vote for him in November.

Virginia Wilder Cross


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