PORTLAND — Mainers United for Marriage, the leading group in support of same-sex marriage, is hosting a rally at 1 p.m. Monday to kick off the final eight weeks of the campaign.

“We’re expecting a big crowd as we kick off the fall campaign with a ‘Yes on 1’ rally,” said Matt McTighe, campaign manager.

Portland Mayor Michael Brennan, Pastor Michael Gray and McTighe are all scheduled to speak at the rally, which is scheduled for Portland City Hall.

Voters on Nov. 6 will be asked if they want to allow the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Maine is one of four states to be voting on the issue this fall, along with Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Earlier this week, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland announced that it is beginning a series of community meetings about marriage and the importance of keeping the current definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The first meeting is set for 5 p.m. Saturday at Our Lady of Good Hope, 7 Union St., Camden.