The Maine Emergency Management Agency is warning people to be cautious near the coast this weekend, as Hurricane Leslie kicks up high surf.

“With Maine still enjoying late summer weather, residents and visitors alike will be flocking to coastal areas,” said an alert issued by MEMA spokeswoman Lynette Miller. “While high surf is exciting and beautiful to see, it can also be extremely dangerous.”

Isolated large waves can sweep a person into turbulent waters and rip currents can pull a person out to sea quickly, the alert said.

The hurricane will be passing east of Maine and is no threat to make landfall, the alert said. However, high surf and swells are possible along the southern coast and midcoast areas late Saturday and Sunday. Downeast coastal areas will see the hurricane’s impact late Saturday into Sunday night.

The entire coast will continue to feel the impact of the offshore storm in the early part of the week, the alert said.