Most of my life I have lived with the adage, “Wise men carefully pick their words, foolish men scatter their words.” The wise are careful most frequently weighing every word before it is uttered. The foolish seldom consider their utterances. In watching the TV ads and reading much in the printed media I am tempted to measure the messages by the above standards. It doesn’t work. Innuendos, half truths, distortions and statements out of context seem to be the fare of our day.

An ancient sage once said, “Wise people: Be careful when statements are made.”

I truly believe all of us are pained when we see and experience the hunger, the malaise and the discontent in our society. The difference seems to be in who is ready to roll up their sleeves and do something about it. I hope and pray the current political debate will provoke in us a desire to go out visit the trenches and help the needy.

Rabbi Harry Sky