Antiseptic is a Portland rock band that’s been kicking around since the late 1990s, and consists of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jason Grosso, drummer Wesley Gaines and bass player Brad Sawyer.

Grosso uses the descriptors “psych,” “rock,” “punk,” “garage,” “loose,” “noisy” and “a little sloppy” to sum up what Antiseptic is all about. He also filled GO in on the history and current work of the band, along with his own sources of inspiration. You can find more information at 

How did Antiseptic come to be, and has the lineup changed over the years?

The band was formed in 1998 because I had been playing bass in a band with Ed Gaines and Doug Wood called Rotors to Rust, but I was writing a ton of songs that did not fit into what Rotors to Rust was doing. I then asked Ed’s younger brother (Wesley), who had been playing drums for a couple of years, to work on my songs with me. Wes suggested that his friend Brad play bass. 

What’s Antiseptic’s recording history? Are there CDs out there? Digital releases?

We have been recording songs since 1998, and have made a few CDs in very limited quantities, most of which have been handed out at shows. Many of them are/were available for download at We are going to record at Acadia Recording Studio with Todd Hutchisen in October, and expect to release our first official CD by December. 

When did you first learn to play the guitar? And when did you first start writing songs?

I started playing bass guitar when I was 15, and still consider myself more of a bass player, and I have been writing songs since then. 

What musicians inspire or have influenced you?

Donovan, John Frusciante, Alan and Richard Bishop, Bob Dylan, Butthole Surfers, Cows, Shellac, PJ Harvey, Erkin Koray and Nirvana. 

How did you develop your distinct singing style?

I have to do the best that I can with what I have. 

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