Recently, Mr.Leary, from Higgins Beach and “Away,” wrote a scathing note about Edgar Allen Beem. Leary stated that Ed writes “Nasty, mean-spirited, hate-filled” comments that are “consistently obnoxious.”
Just out of curiosity, Mr.Leary, why do you bother to read them?
Edgar writes excellent articles for Downeast and Yankee magazines, and has also published wonderful books. It is hard for me to believe that if Mr. Leary travels all over New England, he “has never encountered a columnist as consistently obnoxious as Mr. Beem.”
What type of papers do you read, Mr. Leary? 
My family and I know Edgar from Church. Rain or snow, Ed waits at the street to assist Dad with his wheelchair. His columns are not intended to insult people, just make them think. My folks are pretty open-mined Republicans, respecting changes of the times. Often Mom rolls her eyes about Ed’s writing and laughs, but still thinks the world of him. He is a wonderful man, has a great wife and daughters.
Please, Mr. Leary, open up or stop reading Edgar’s column.
Phil Caldwell