South Portland has a unique system that allows voters to choose city councilors in every district of the city, rather than just the voter’s own district. No matter whether you live in Ferry Village, Knightville, Redbank, or somewhere in between, your vote counts in the District 3 City Council race, and I encourage you to cast your vote to re-elect Councilor Rosemarie De Angelis.

Councilor De Angelis has been one of the most responsive public officials I have ever met. She always answers emails and always returns phone calls. She listens to her constituents – from every area of the city – and takes the time to carefully consider their needs and concerns.

No matter whether you’re liberal or conservative, rich or poor, young or old, a homeowner or a renter, a native South Portlander or “from away,” Rosemarie De Angelis will be your voice on the City Council.

Adrian Dowling
South Portland

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