AUGUSTA — The Maine State Chamber of Commerce recently announced the launch of Maine’s first Business Leadership Network. The Maine Business Leadership Network is an affiliate of the U.S. Business Leadership NetworkR, a national organization that serves as the collective voice of more than 60 other affiliates across North America, representing more than 5,000 employers.

According to a news release, the Maine State Chamber was chosen as the state partner of the national organization, an employer-led coalition.

The new Maine network has several goals, including assisting businesses in attracting and retaining new employees and customers with disabilities, developing business leaders who value diversity and actively work to promote strong communities that include individuals with disabilities, and increasing opportunities for businesses to expand their diversity recruiting efforts, not as a social model but as a business case to recruit talent and better serve their customers.

“The Maine State Chamber of Commerce is excited and honored to have been chosen as the Business Leadership Network affiliate in Maine,” said Dana Connors, president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. “Many Maine businesses are already leaders in diversity hiring. I am confident our efforts will only lead to more opportunities for businesses and people with disabilities alike.”

Jim Baumer, the affiliate’s new director, said, “I look forward to partnering with employers across the state and increasing awareness of the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.”

Other state partners include the Bureau of Employment Services/Maine Department of Labor, the Maine Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Procter & Gamble/Tambrands is the coalition’s lead employer.

For more information, call Baumer at 207-215-1492.

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