I typically do not write letters endorsing candidates for office. But as I reflect on the exceptional challenges that we face today, I believe it more important than ever that we take the time to carefully consider who we elect to represent us on our Town Council in Scarborough.

Bill Donovan’s resume reflects the kind of background we need to effectively guide Scarborough. Bill practiced law for 40 years, specializing in real estate and municipal law. Bill served on the Candia, N.H., Planning Board and the Souhegan Regional School Board in Amherst, N.H. Bill cares about the environment as well. Bill has been actively involved in water-quality testing for Maine Healthy Beaches and endangered species protection with Maine Audubon.

I invite you to get to know Bill Donovan. I believe that once you do, you’ll vote for Bill Donovan for Scarborough Town Council this November.

Michael Wood