Serving on the Brunswick Town Council, I experienced the value of effective advocacy for our town in the Legislature. In my conservation work in Augusta, I witnessed the importance of persuasive representation to protect Maine’s natural resources.

While a Green vote may appeal to some, a legislator without a party in Augusta simply means a net loss in Brunswick’s influence. Moreover, the Green candidate has less-known perspectives – i.e., advocacy for an exemption to the minimum wage for small businesses – which I believe are out of step with many Brunswick voters.

Fortunately, Brunswick has a home-grown candidate who has done more than talk the talk when it comes to conservation, education, and public service. Mattie Daughtry researched and reported on every piece of legislation proposed by the conservative majority. She’s done the homework to be an effective advocate for our town. Idealism is great in theory. In practice, we need Mattie Daughtry.

Jacqueline Sartoris

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