Please join me in supporting Fred Horch of the Green Independent Party to represent Brunswick’s District 66 in the Maine House.

The Green Party is not simply focused on environmental issues; among their core principles are social and economic justice, decentralization, and community-based economics. They recognize that social, economic, and environmental needs are  equally important for a healthy society. We can’t, for example, sustain a strong economy based on destroying the environment. We can’t have good health care while releasing toxic chemicals into our backyards.

Fred Horch is an independent thinker, not beholden to the mainstream political parties. His vision includes plans for bringing good jobs to the region, transitioning to energy independence, and supporting small businesses, working families, and education. These actions will position our community to thrive into the future. Fred is a person of great integrity who will bring careful thought and leadership to all issues.

Sarah Wolpow

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