I have been dismayed by the misrepresentations made in many political ads this year, not only in the national elections, but also on the local level. A few weeks ago I received a political mailing about Chris Tyll, candidate for the state Senate in District 11, proclaiming, “Because of his efforts, Mainers overwhelming voted to repeal the ‘Labor and Services Tax’.” I had never heard of Chris Tyll before, so I called him to ask what his role was. He said he had only “talked to some people.” Did he have a leadership role? “No.” When asked to explain how his efforts could be so overstated on the brochure, he said the brochure had not come from him, but from the Maine Republican Party.

I think it reflects badly on Tyll (and also on the Republican Party) that neither he, nor they, have made any effort to publicly correct this misinformation.

Christine D. McDuffie
North Yarmouth

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