The word cry-baby came to mind as I read Sen. Dick Woodbury doesn’t like the Clean Elections Law by which he chose to run. That option requires no work to fund a campaign; just take $20,000 of your taxes. And take it he did. Now Woodbury complains about the law, which he co-sponsored in 2007. Why?

Because he ran into a tireless opponent, Chris Tyll. Chris accepted the daunting challenge of self-funding. The former Navy SEAL, business owner, husband and father of three never takes the easy route. He is going house-to-house, delivering his message, earning funding, not taking tax dollars. Tyll earns what he is getting.

I heard Tyll’s message. He sold me with his commitment to work hard for great education – primary, vocational, secondary and beyond – to allow our sons and daughters to obtain attractive, gainful employment in Maine.

My money is on Tyll.

Bill Gardiner