To the Editor:

Six years ago, when we semiretired as Baptist ministers, my wife Carol and I moved to Thornton Oaks in Brunswick. We enjoy and appreciate all the amenities Brunswick has to offer, including excellent health care.

For many years I served on a hospital board in western Pennsylvania. I experienced larger hospitals trying to take over the markets of smaller ones, funneling the more lucrative business to themselves. I found that patients and loved ones often do not realize what is happening until they have to travel a distance outside their community for services they could have easily accessed locally.

In Brunswick, we have two fine hospitals, Parkview and Mid Coast. In the Certificate of Need process, there is no need to have a Lewiston hospital intrude into our community and take over Parkview. Carol and I feel it would be far better to have our two capable Brunswick hospitals unite to provide the best cost-effective care and wellness system for Brunswick, Topsham, Bath and nearby communities.

Richard Visser