To the Editor:

I am writing to support Jennifer DeChant for state representative in House District 62.

The Republican-led Legislature has passed “tax reform” that returns $100 or so to middle class taxpayers but some $3,000 each to the top 1 percent, then kicks the can down the road on how to pay for it.

This dogma of “trickle down” has gotten old and tired; it does little to help the economy, and increases deficits.

Also, the Republican Legislature passed “health care reform” that increased premiums for many Maine residents and has been a windfall for insurance companies.

As voters, we need to do something Nov. 6 about the Republican majority in our Legislature.

Jennifer DeChant is our local answer. With her past public service, she will have a quick learning curve when she takes the oath as state rep.

In contrast with her opponent, Jennifer will bring moderation to Augusta. I encourage Bath voters to avoid the problem of hard-line conservative ideas that have been disastrous in the past and will not work in the future.

Let’s choose experience, moderation, optimism and practicality. Support Jennifer DeChant for House District 62.

Mark Mahnke