We were appalled to read that Clean Election candidates in Maine can now be wildly outspent by their opponents (“Maine Clean Election incumbent now a sitting duck,” Oct. 5).

This could put Clean Election candidates such as state Sen. Dick Woodbury in District 11 in jeopardy.

Woodbury is a highly respected economist. He is smart and very knowledgeable on topics such as taxes and health care. He has eight years of experience in the state Legislature: six in the House and two in the Senate. He has paid his dues.

While we found the mailing we received on behalf of his opponent negative and misleading, Dick Woodbury is positive and straightforward.

He is holding coffees three times a week in various towns in his district. Attend one to share your ideas and learn more about the issues. Details are on his website.

We urge everyone in the seven towns in District 11 to vote to re-elect Dick Woodbury to the Maine Senate. We will.

Al and Lois Howlett


One of the seats being sought Nov. 6 is the Maine Senate District 13 seat.

If you want to have a senator who has proven experience as a bipartisan mover and shaker, vote for Dennise Whitley. If you want to have a senator who fully understands the intricacies of health care and the need to make sure health care is affordable, vote for Dennise Whitley. If you want to have a smart, dedicated and hardworking legislator representing you in Augusta, vote for Dennise Whitley.

Another position open is state representative for District 98, which includes Bridgton, Harrison, Lovell, Stow and Sweden.

I plan on voting for Lisa Villa, and here’s why: Not only is Ms. Villa an intelligent and energetic go-getter, she has vast experience in public service.

She was a member of the Harrison Board of Selectmen; the Cumberland County Community Development Block Grant Oversight Committee; the Cumberland County Charter Commission; the Executive Board of the Lake Region Development Council; the Lake Region Transportation Coalition, and the Executive Board of the Greater Portland Council of Government. She also is chairwoman of Honor Flight Maine, an initiative to honor World War II veterans.

Lisa Villa is an experienced leader and understands the critical importance of bipartisan partnerships. She is the one who I want to represent me in Augusta.

Stan Cohen


As a fellow business owner and member of the gay community, I would like to show support for my friend Chris Tyll, a Republican who is running for Maine Senate in District 11.

Chris and I met and began a business relationship nearly three years ago. Since then, our friendship and business partnership has continued to grow.

As the co-founder and director of the DownEast Pride Alliance, a GLBT and gay-friendly business networking group in southern Maine with thousands of supporters, I asked Chris to host three of our events in support of our group, and he graciously agreed.

He personally attended each of these events to ensure they were successful and that his guests were happy. The success of these gay and gay-friendly networking events even resulted in Chris hosting several commitment ceremonies at his place of business!

Chris has what it takes to work hard for the people of Maine. His dedication to action and change spans from his service to this country as a Navy SEAL and continues on the local level as a caring business owner with strong family values in our Maine community.

I believe Chris can surpass expectations when faced with challenges in the state Senate, is focused on getting things accomplished, and will not simply “pass the buck” on decisions for future sessions to later handle.

I am confident people from all walks of life and political philosophy can be proud to support Chris Tyll, as he is a reputable man.

He is also a man who will look at the issues facing our state objectively and formulate solutions with an open mind. I urge you to meet my friend Chris and see for yourself what a great candidate he is, and vote for Tyll on Nov. 6.

Sid Tripp

co-founder, DownEast Pride Alliance


If you live in Parkside, Bayside or East Bayside, chances are you already know Herb Adams. He is dedicated to encouraging and participating in community, connecting families and seniors with help and resources, and encouraging learning and achievement in parts of the city that other Portlanders are inclined to dismiss.

With poverty becoming ever more pressing, we need a leader with a strong track record on education — the path out of poverty for young Portlanders — and the environment, so essential to the tourist trade and the quality of Maine life. Herb is that leader.

It is all too rare to encounter a candidate who acts from genuine kindness and concern rather than personal ambition.

This campaign season you’ll see Herb helping to register elderly voters — regardless of their party affiliation. You’ll see him participating in neighborhood events and building community among Portlanders young and old.

These aren’t campaign activities for Herb — they’re just what he’s done for many years, as a man of integrity who wants the best for our neighborhoods.

Cast your ballot for Democrat Herb Adams for an ethical, experienced, progressive voice in the Maine House.

Patricia J. Washburn


What would you call an individual who is an independent thinker; who is dedicated to a quality education for all children, from budding carpenters and electricians to tomorrow’s astrophysicists; who has worked tirelessly to preserve Maine’s rural nature and the values of hard work that have historically defined Maine?

I would call the person Bill Noon, and he is running to represent District 144 (Acton, and parts of Lebanon, Sanford and Springvale) in the Maine House of Representatives.

I am excited to think about the positive qualities that Bill will bring to the State House at a time when we so desperately need people who can work in a civil, effective and respectful way with both major parties.

I hope that you will join me in casting your ballot for Bill Noon in the November elections. Thank you.

Janet Tockman


Common sense, real-world experience, strength and determination: Those are just a few of the characteristics that come to mind when describing Roland Wyman.

It is time for change that will bring positive results for our community, and Roland is willing to work hard to support business growth and independence through legislative reforms.

Please support me in helping elect Roland to represent Saco, District 134, in Augusta, so we can take the necessary steps forward to becoming a better place for our children and families.

Jessica Janson


I wish to enthusiastically support the candidacy of Chris Kessler, independent, to represent America’s best small city, South Portland, in the Maine House of Representatives. He is exactly the type of person we need working on our behalf in Augusta.

I know many of us believe that politics should be about people, not parties. Chris is a refreshing voice of intellect, ideas, open-mindedness, energy, passion and thoughtful mediation. If we are ever to break the power-brokering bonds of a too-often-misdirected two-party system, we must elect people like Chris Kessler. Please, now is the time.

Two years ago, I was truly honored and humbled that more than 3,000 residents of this great city we love decided to trust me and vote for me as a City Council candidate. I now ask them and many more to strongly consider Chris Kessler for state representative.

Don Russell

South Portland

It has been an honor to represent the people of Senate District 6 for the past eight years. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Now, as we approach the 2012 election, I want to make sure everyone in District 6 knows about Democratic candidate Jim Boyle. Jim is a local small-business owner with real-world job creation expertise here in Maine.

As a small-business owner, and as someone who works side by side with his five employees, Jim knows why economic growth matters in Maine, and why education matters, too.

His view is that education helps Maine workers obtain better jobs and afford quality health care. And he knows that investing in education is important for Maine’s businesses, because a skilled work force helps all types of businesses grow and thrive.

Jim offers District 6 expertise in small-business development. Every bit as important, he has expertise and experience in building consensus and solving problems pragmatically. These skills are vital for success in Augusta. Jim has 30 years’ experience getting things done in Maine. He’ll do it as a state senator, too.

I encourage everyone to vote Nov. 6. And I encourage everyone to learn more about Jim through his website, www.boyleforsenate.org. Jim is running to work hard in Augusta, not play politics. I have great confidence that he’ll serve District 6 well.

State Sen. Phil Bartlett, D-District 6


A recent postcard from Jane Knapp’s campaign for re-election in House District 129 lists the Southern Maine Agency on Aging as an example of her “Community Involvement.”

I was intrigued. As director of community relations at SMAA, I wanted to know exactly how Knapp had contributed to the agency’s mission.

Jane Knapp attended a 90-minute meeting at SMAA on July 13. She has volunteered to serve on the agency’s non-governing Advisory Committee.

Without any specifics, a blanket reference that she is “involved” somehow in assisting older adults or advocating for older adults is quite misleading.

In another campaign mailing, she had her photo taken (at arm’s length, I might add) with some “older” folks.

There was no caption with the photo to specify why she posed with these seniors, presumably from Gorham. Yet no other reference was made in Knapp’s campaign materials about her work on behalf of the aging population of Maine.

In fact, she supported the governor’s proposal to kick 65,000 Maine seniors and disabled adults off the Medicare Savings Program and to eliminate funding for Drugs for the Elderly.

The Medicare Savings Program pays Medicare premiums and co-pays for beneficiaries with low incomes. Without the program’s support, these Mainers would be unable to pay for their health insurance, thereby reducing their access to health care.

Without Drugs for the Elderly, these same folks would be cut off from vital, potentially life-saving medications. What would low-income people do when choosing between heat, food and health care?

I don’t want Jane Knapp to be making heartless decisions that will affect some of Maine’s most vulnerable people, such as her record shows.

It is time that someone who really cares about Gorham and the rest of Maine’s people served in the Legislature. Please join me in supporting Andrew McLean for state representative from Gorham.

Eileen Whynot