School Administrative District 51 is consistently rated in the top 10 districts in the state. Our students excel in academics, arts and athletics. Our graduation rate is 96 percent, with 92 percent of those students continuing their education. Education is one of the greatest investments, financial or otherwise, an individual can make in their lifetime. Invested wisely, the return is priceless as it opens doors and creates opportunities. We feel the current portion of our tax bill allocated to SAD 51 is an investment in the future generation. The real issue to address is not necessarily the price tag, but how we (North Yarmouth) pay the bill.

As residents of North Yarmouth we are currently part of a highly regarded school system. Our students are equipped to continue their education at any level of their choice. We are committed to supporting this current system. Please join us in voting no to withdraw.

Gloria and Todd Nicholson
North Yarmouth