I live in Phippsburg because of the long tradition of environmental stewardship in this community. I’m concerned that the votes of District 64 state Rep. Kim Olsen, R-Phippsburg, are opposed to those values. For example, she supported a six-year statute of limitations on civil penalties for violations of Department of Environmental Protection laws, and she supported the “takings” bill, which would have allowed gutting those laws.

These votes led me to take a closer look at Democrat Jeremy Saxton of Harpswell. He takes an  aggressively “green” stance in all aspects of his family business. He has learned through long association with the fishing and tourism industries that protection of the environment is good for residents and good for business.

Our way of life is too easily lost without vigilant attention to the protection of our most precious resources. I trust Jeremy Saxton to use his voice and his vote to protect our environment.

Cathie Todd