CHICAGO (AP) — New owners want their own people running things.

Jimmy Haslam III is sticking to one of the oldest adages in sports, which means Mike Holmgren is out as president of the Cleveland Browns.

Haslam’s $1 billion purchase of the franchise was unanimously approved by the 32 NFL teams Tuesday. Shortly after the vote, Haslam announced that Holmgren would be leaving, although the Super Bowl-winning coach will remain with the franchise until the end of the year to help in the transition. Former Eagles President Joe Banner will become the chief executive officer on Oct. 25 when the sale is concluded.

“Mike was brought in to be the president and I think in a lot of ways the de facto owner,” Haslam said at the NFL’s fall meeting, “and with us coming in and taking a more active role, Mike has decided to, effective at the end of the year, leave the Cleveland Browns …

“Mike will work very closely with us over the next three or four months to ensure that this transition goes as well as possible.”

Haslam plans no other personnel changes before 2013.