Falmouth is forced to pay for a bus service used only by a handful of residents that provides little economic benefit to Route 1 businesses except Wal-Mart. Portland customers return to Portland without shopping at other Route 1 businesses. Route 1 businesses did well before the bus and will once it’s gone.

The committee to save the bus doesn’t know how many residents use it. It claims “anecdotal information” indicates strong support among commuters. How many? How often do they ride the bus? Who knows? Emotional “anecdotal information” is no substitute for accurate readership data or justification for wasting tax dollars better spent on fuel assistance and/or the food pantry.

Without the bus how will folks get to work, the doctors, the movies or Portland restaurants? The way they did before the bus: neighbors helped those who really need it and will do so again.

On Election Day vote to end Falmouth’s membership in METRO.

M. Roberts Hunt