Rosemarie De Angelis has served South Portland as a special education teacher, former mayor, and District 3 city councilor. Her, passion, dedication, and caring nature is a true testament to her continued commitment in making South Portland the greatest city in Maine.

As a Republican you would think I would differ with De Angelis on issues concerning our community, but that’s not the case. It is the deep commitment to South Portland that compels us both. She has stood beside me as we honored our fallen Maine heroes and the victims of Sept. 11; she supported the Veterans Service Monument project and the beautification of Mill Creek Park. I admire Councilor De Angelis for her honesty, and for not being afraid to challenge or tell the truth when confronted with controversial Issues. I’m voting to re-elect her not only because I consider her a friend, but because that what’s best for South Portland.

Kenneth Myrick, Republican candidate
House District 123
South Portland

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