I am a member of the Democratic Party, and in contested elections I usually vote for the Democratic candidate. However, in the upcoming selection of a U.S. senator, I will vote for independent Angus King, and I encourage others to do likewise.

King is the most qualified person running. He is bright, thoughtful, and balanced in his views. His integrity is flawless. You can safely predict that his voting record will reflect what he says during the campaign.

The extreme partisanship in Washington is crippling our country, and an independent senator might help to break that gridlock. Angus King’s instincts are to look for common ground when confronted with sharp differences of opinion.

Finally, unlike the Democratic candidate, he has a realistic chance of winning this election. Let’s not repeat what happened in the gubernatorial election of two years ago, and let a mediocre candidate win because of divided opposition.

Cushman D. Anthony