Please vote no on withdrawal from School Administrative District 51. Pulling North Yarmouth out of the district would create more problems than supporters claim it would solve. For example, withdrawal leaves upper-grade students tuitioned out, most likely to Greely High School, where North Yarmouth would no longer have a seat on the School Board.

Solutions to reduce North Yarmouth’s frustration with high property taxes exist. Why not initiate a three-way budget discussion among the towns’ and district’s leadership and finance committees? North Yarmouth residents feel financially strapped when the town and school budgets are added together. The biggest opportunity to reduce taxes lies with all vested parties reducing the school budget.

When the towns have come together to work through problems – the Joint Standing Committee regarding Recreation, Library and Channel 2 being a successful example – solutions abounded. Why not reduce dissatisfaction with the school budget by using this same approach?

Pamela Candage Ames
North Yarmouth