This November, Maine again votes on redefining marriage to mean the union of two people regardless of sex.

Redefining marriage, historically recognized as essential to a stable society, is like redefining “wheel” to mean anything that supports something. Sounds absurd and “wheel” loses its meaning and defined purpose, right?

“Tolerance,” proclaimed everywhere, is the principle justifying homosexual marriage. Since “tolerance” is a relative term, why should marriage be limited to two people? A truly tolerant society should allow hetero- and homo-sexual polygamy; even a lowered age of consent. Where does it stop when everything perceived as intolerance is allowed? When there is no moral basis, greed, lust, envy, and power become the basis.

Tolerating the desires of a minority, at the expense of all, results in severe and devastating consequences for all. Voting against Question 1 is not hate for homosexuals, but a vote for a stable society for all.

Kris Anderson

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