State Senate District 11 candidate Christopher Tyll, Annapolis alum, successful businessman and former Navy SEAL, is always”on a mission.” A recognized leader, father of three, and husband to another Annapolis grad, his mission now is to represent you. You know that. You have seen him everywhere. He’s knocking on doors, sitting in your kitchen, telling his story and hearing yours. He’s working as hard now for your vote by sincerely listening and learning as he will work to honor your vote in Augusta.

Navy SEALS are focused, tackling the toughest tasks. They are determined, steadfast and successful. They perform. They honor their communities, and America. Chris Tyll is a public servant, volunteer, businessman, father and proven leader recognized as one of “Forty under 40” to lead Maine.

You know him. Remember on Election Day to proudly vote. Send this talented and tireless worker, Chris Tyll, out on his mission.

Gregory Payeur