My household and I strongly support Parkview Adventist Medical Center’s right to join Central Maine Healthcare. Mid Coast Hospital’s attempt to strong-arm an overtaking of Parkview is very sad indeed, and their motives in doing so should be evident, and it’s not because they’re interested in providing the best health care for our community. It is rather a selfish desire to extinguish any local competition and in doing so controlling all of this area’s hospital needs and thus creating a monopoly. As in other business and industry, competition provides lower costs for the consumer, as well as improved quality of product.
Mid Coast has chosen, from day one, not to work with Parkview, but rather has attempted to work against it and to squeeze it out of the picture. We cannot let this happen.
Not only does Parkview provide jobs for the Brunswick economy, but Parkview is who we are, having served the medical needs of the surrounding area for over 50 years with top-notch medical care, delivered with love, compassion and understanding. From it’s inception in 1959, Parkview’s desire was solely to provide quality, personal health care for the whole person, a commitment it holds to this day.
I beg those folks in the Health Care Oversight Program to consider the positive impact Parkview has had on our community and what it would mean should Mid Coast become the sole controller. Such a move would be bad for Parkview and very bad for the folks in the greater Bath, Brunswick, Topsham area, and beyond.
Robert Nurse