U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, is going to bat for several legislative candidates.

Last week the Portland Press Herald reported that Snowe appeared in a television ad for state Senate candidate Chris Tyll, the Republican hoping to upset Yarmouth independent Dick Woodbury in District 11

Now Snowe is doing robo calls for Republican Rep. Amy Volk of Scarborough who is facing a tough re-election fight against Democratic challenger Paul Aranson. Outside groups have spent a lot of money in the district, although not as much as in District 128 where Republican Rep. Heather Sirocki has been targeted by several progressive groups. 

Volk and Sirocki won their seats amid the 2010 tea party wave election. Both lawmakers had aligned themselves with the tea party, a movement that has been openly hostile to Snowe.

Volk in 2011 sparked controversy after posting a comment on her Facebook page about Rev. Donna Lee Muise, who mentioned Allah and other names for God during an address to the Legislature.

"We just had a Christian clergy woman invoke the name of Allah during the prayer," Volk wrote. "That’s a first. Someone needs to let her know that we are not a Muslim nation."

Snowe, who abandoned her reelection bid in February, has also been disbursing funds to from campaign political action committee to legislative candidates. Below is a list of all the candidates that have received funding from Snowe’s PAC.